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Your submission is My pleasure. Fucking with you is My joy. Come release control to a sensual, sadistic, intelligent, funny, and domineering Femdom Goddess.

I'm Goddess Gem. I will bully, control, tease, deny, and toy with you.  With me, you'll be kept on your toes. One moment, I'm cradling your head in my hands and whispering in your ear. The next, I'm spitting in your face and delivering a mocking insult. 

I'm naturally aggressive and I've been that way for as long as I can remember. My Domination style is witty, fun, and playful but also intense. Somewhere between mean tattooed goth girl crush next door and strict Mommy Dom. 

I love to play with fear, desire, and psychological fuckery. I'm a sadist at heart so I will bully you. but I have a sweet side for good boys, if you do your best to please Me! 

I take your interests and limits to mind and I prioritize communication. I have a lot of skills in BDSM and kink and access to an arsenal of toys and tools.


Frightened, excited, horny, possesed, in awe. You'll feel it all. And you'll quickly become addicted to the sound of my laughter (at your expense), my devious smile, and my wicked eyes. Just how I want you.

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