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You want to escape from your daily grind and release control to a sensual, sadistic, intelligent, funny, and domineering Femdom Goddess. Look no further. 

I'm Goddess Gem. I am naturally aggressive and Dominant. I love to control, bully, tease and deny. I play somewhere between goth, tattooed bully and mean but sensual Mommy Domme. But at heart I'm a true sadist, taking pleasure in your cries.

My scenes are equally fun and strict, boundary testing and pleasurable. I will put you in your place and degrade you as you deserve, and praise you when you're good for Me. Whether I'm sweet or demanding, you will be drawn to do exactly as I say...

I may be strict but I take your interests and limits in to mind when building a scene. I prioritize communication and consent in My Domination, and I am skilled in many kink practices.

Do you want to be My good little submissive? Admit your desires to Me.


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