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Joining the Twitter Domme Pod

What is a Twitter Pod?

As content creators, we all know it's difficult to get our content seen online. A Twitter pod is a group of users on Twitter that agree to engage with one another's content with likes, comments, and retweets to boost engagement. My Domme Pod is for kinky content creators who have active accounts, and post high effort fetish or FemDom content multiple times a week. There is no follower minimum. 

The intention with this is not just to be boost social media engagement! We will avoid being flagged for spam and actually grow our success together if we create genuine interactions. Hopefully the chat can also be space for networking and sharing information for SWers. 


Most people in the group are local to the NYC area but there is representation from other cities and countries too.

How does it work?

You will be added to the group chat on Twitter as well as a List.

Follow all the members on the group chat.

A list is a separate feed that contains only certain users. Your lists live here:





Unrelated pro tip: people can see when you add them to a list. So don't try to be stealthy and make a list of "people I'm tryna fuck". Unless that's your flex.

To be a part of the group, check that list at least 3-5 days a week and engage with members posts. No one will be expected to do all actions on every post, but please commit to doing unto others as you’d like done to yourself! Check the list as frequently as you can and give your fellow SWers a boost with a like, comment, and/or retweet.


You can leave the group by removing yourself from the chat/unadding yourself from the list at any time.


The expectation for this group is pretty low key, but please commit to being as active as possible on a weekly basis and show love! The group members are reviewed every few weeks. You may be removed from the group for inactivity. If you think you were removed by mistake, please DM @goddessgemnyc.


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