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Kinks and Fetishes

Smothering/Clothed Facesitting

I know you noticed My Goddess curves. I want to take your breath away with it. Literally. If this is your last breath, you'd be okay with that.

Sensory Play

I'll pull some toys from My delightful little tool box to tease you with. It might be a spikey wartenberg wheel to prick and tickle you, or maybe hot wax candles on your nipples. You won't know until it touches you, since you're blinded by the cloth over your eyes...


Impact Play

Submissives make great targets. Do you know the difference between thuddy and stingy sensations? We can start with My hand, and then move on to paddles, canes, whips, and more! 

Feminization & Slut Training

Sissy sluts rejoice. You may be a pathetic excuse for a man but maybe you can be a good little girl for Mistress. Let Me dress you and make you over to be the woman you've always wanted to be. What kind of girl are you? Sweet little school girl? Cock destroying slut? Demure damsel? Let's find out together. Slut training or hyper-feminization guidance is available for women & non-binary people too!

Humiliation and Verbal Abuse

Dumbass. Are you ashamed to be a weird pervert that gets off on being called names? Well accept your place in the world and we'll go down the rabbit hole together. Your dick is pathetic and so is your constant gooning (uncontrollable masturbating and drooling over FemDoms all day long). Insulting and bullying people isn't acceptable in normal life but it is when we're together! And I'll take all the pleasure in putting you down. It's all in fun. Haven't you ever heard of Schadenfreude?


Latex and Boot Worship

The shine of My rubber entices you. The feeling of your tongue across My smooth boot reminds you of exactly where you belong.

Financial Domination

There is nothing hotter than a sub who will hand over control of their finances to Mistress. Investing is one of my hobbies and I am very interested in connecting with subs with financial know how. This kink can start very light and go very deep. Don't be afraid... I won't hurt you. Without your consent.  Sponsor My bills or recurring costs (think breakfast, clothing, make up), invest in My stocks for Me, or simply send for the joy of sending. First timer? Spin My tribute wheel if you're unsure of what to tribute!

CBT/GT (Cock & Ball/Genital Torture)

GT is an underrated kink. It encompasses a number of different activities, and like other kinks it can have a wide range of intensities. Start with a little gentle, light slaps or scratches with the fingers, using torture devices, ball stretchers, impact tools, clothes pins, hot wax... the list goes on. The deeper end of this kink is ballbusting, which are harder kicks and punches to the to the testicles. Why might one want this? Because you want Mistress to push your limits. Because you like to feel the cowering fear and adrenaline that comes with that when I'm standing over you, about to knee you in the dick.

And these are just a few of my favorites.

If some of this sounds scary, not to worry. I begin at the beginning, and work up.

Things I Don't Do

  • Forced bi & cuck. I will do verbal roleplay but there will be no real cuck or forced bi sessions. Those are reserved for long term subs only.

  • Race play including any mentions of "BBC".

  • Wrestling

  • FTT

  • Real castration

  • Switch/sub/bottom

  • Full service, oral, or anything of a receiving nature.

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