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Make Money Texting with SextPanther

How to Use SextPanther


Whether you’re a camworker, Pro Domme or fetish creator, you’ll want to take advantage of the SextPanther platform. SextPanther is an easy way to make money talking to your fans. NO ONE is a time waster on SP! 


Receive tips and get paid per text, video clip or photo sent or received, call minute, or video minute. You can also host your video clips in your feed to unlock and post to the explore pages and your own personal feed. And it’s super easy with a completely updated interface unlike other old school sites.

Another great thing about SP is the flexibility. You choose what services you want to offer. I almost always stick to text/photo only, but you can also take phone calls and video chats. Just log in and turn on calls or video chats to get requests, or if you just want to text, keep those options off.


Everything will forward to your phone. You can reply on your phone or on the website using your computer.

Once a user adds you, you can start a conversation. Then, sky’s the limit. You can sign up using my referral link. For complete transparency, for the first $100 you make, SextPanther will give Me $100. A win win for both of us. Using my link will also help you skip the application process. I applied three times before being accepted so having a skip the line ticket is super helpful.


This platform can bring in hundreds of dollars a month if you build your account and use it well!

Setting Up an Account


You will be asked to provide a phone number as your log in, and this is where your messages/calls will be forwarded to. I recommend using your real number, I can imagine it getting a little messy to have the platform send messages and calls via an app. Clients will never see your real phone number. You will also have to  link your bank account so you can receive your earnings, and provide identification to prove your age, and your mailing address for tax purposes.


SextPanther provides a W9 tax form at the end of the year just like other online modeling platforms so you will want to pay taxes on your earnings (my short advice for this is: set aside 25-30% – I recommend doing so in a high yield savings account like Ally — and you’ll have more than you need to pay them). So be prepared to do all this before you can start earning.


Payouts - As of January 2022


  • 60% for text and media messages

  • 75% for phone calls, video calls, and feed posts

  • 80% for tips

Once you’re in, first you want to set up a profile that shows your best self. Upload 3-5 attention grabbing photos of yourself. You also have the option of adding an intro video. These should showcase things you want to do/talk about in your sessions. For example, if you do foot fetish content, upload some sexy foot pics. If you create explicit masturbation content, you can upload a lewd photo instead. Be clear about what you offer. And don’t forget to be inviting! A lot of text clients are using digital services because they’re nervous, while others are very raunchy and straight to the point.


Setting Hours and Availability

You can set your hours on your profile so people know when you’re generally available. If there are times you don’t want to receive texts to your phone, set your custom hours. I just leave them “open”. I figure, even if I don’t feel like responding, I want to show up on the active page as much as possible to get as many adds, messages, and calls as possible. But for rexample you may want to set off hours if you have a daytime desk job, or if you don’t want to receive notifications on your phone while you’re sleeping.


If you scroll to the bottom of your homepage you’ll see the Away Mode switch. If you switch that on, no texts will be sent to your phone even if it’s within your hours of availability.


You will always receive messages sent to you. But if you set custom hours that you’re unavailable, or put away mode on, you just won’t receive them forwarded to your phone during those times.


You will only receive calls and video calls to your cell phone when you toggle on those modes, located at the top of the page.


Setting Prices

Take a look around on the site to see what pricing in your niche looks like. You can do that by checking out the leaderboards or logging out and checking the promoted profiles on the homepage. 


I set my texts to $1.25, $1.50 could also be good. You know whether you like to be on the high or low end, or if you like to go right in the middle. In the beginning while you build your rank and added users list, lower is probably better.


Getting Adds


The key to SextPanther is to get users to add you to their contact list. Once you do that, they can text or call you, and you can text them. I get a text to my phone saying they’ve added me. Sometimes they message me first, or if not, I will reply to their text to start a convo. You can’t add users yourself or see any lists of users. They must make the first move, which is why having an alluring profile is important!


Credits and Payouts

Clients must add credits to their accounts to start conversations. Each credit = a dollar. Some people have their credit amount displayed, others will have them hidden.


You get paid per text REPLIED TO. What that means is that you must volley once back and forth with the client to get paid.


So if he texts you, you get paid 75 cents (if you’re set at $1.25). But that money will be refunded to him (in credits) if you don’t reply within 24 hrs.


If he texts you, and you send him 4 texts back, you get paid the same 75 cents. There needs to be a volley. That means unless it forwards the conversation, don’t spend too much time sending text, text, text, without getting him to respond. 


You will also get paid:

  • Per minute for calls and live video chat

  • Per photo/video sent to the client (and unlocked), or received from the client

  • Per feed or mass message clip/photo unlocked

  • Users can also tip. Be sure to go into your “tips” and accept them to add them to your earnings.


So how do you maximize your payout?


  1. Get as many adds as possible. You do that by making your profile alluring, setting your prices right, and being available.

  2. You must be shown as active. If you don’t appear active, it is unlikely you’ll get adds or make money. You can appear active (which means you’ll show up in more searches and have a green “active” button on your profile) by:

    1. Logging in and out

    2. Refreshing your own profile

    3. Sending messages to your contact list (I only send messages to people who are also active).

    4. Adding posts to your feed. Photos or videos, they can be free or pay to unlock. If you select “share to explore”, they will appear in a public feed. I recommend doing this.

    5. Sending mass messages. For some reason I can only do this on the mobile platform not desktop.

  3. Keep the conversation going. One truly awesome thing about this platform is that there are no time wasters on SP. Every volley is money for you. If someone messages “you do video calls?” and you don’t, make sure to message back “No I don’t”. Boom, you get paid. 


I’ve even occasionally kept conversations going with people I didn’t like or didn’t share fetish with. Obviously don’t expend too much emotional energy, but as long as you’re not doing that, keep the conversation going. In the old school sex chat line business they called this “hang time”. Keep them on the hook. So how do you do that?


Here are my tips for sexting:


Give yourself an opener. Some people will make it obvious what they want right from the beginning. Their username might even be a key to their particular interests:

Others will be shy or coy. They might not know what they want. They might be looking to ease into it. 


Try to take their temperature about how ready to go they are and what it is they’re looking for.


Some people may just want to talk about regular stuff, their lives, their struggles, their kinks. Others want a full on raunchy sexting session with roleplay with no warm up.


If they want roleplay, be as detailed as possible. Draw it out. Describe every sense. Your outfit, the surroundings, what you want him to be doing, what you’re doing to him, how he should be feeling. 


And make sure to pose a question every once in awhile to ensure he is volleying. Try to make it like “statement, statement, question”. Or you can prompt him with what you want him to say. You don’t want to overwhelm him with questions but make sure he’s responding. Because if he’s not volleying, you’re not getting paid.


You will also get paid per photo or video clip you send, and per photo or video clip HE sends. So ask him to show you what he looks like if he’s comfortable with it, get him to send a dick pic (even if you don’t want to see it), whatever.


A volley is not required here. When you upload your photo or video, it will allow you to have a default price (set those in “Pricing” in the menu), or you can set the price higher or lower before sending. He must unlock that photo or clip to see it/pay for it. Your clients can also tip via the platform too, or unlock photos and clips from your profile feed.


A lot of people will disappear, either half way through chatting or once they’re “done”. That’s okay. I often myself disappear when I’m bored with the conversation (not a best practice if you want to make maximum money though, haha). 


You can always pick it up where you left it off by messaging them again another day, I recommend picking the time of day that you chatted last time since you know that’s when they might be available (Some people are night chatters, some want to talk during the work day, and honestly some of my strongest convos have been in the early morning like 6 AM). 


SextPanther’s message portal will also show a green dot when they’re active. You can try to send messages to your recent active clients to start convos.


Once you have a conversation with a client, click on “Notes” and write a few notes about things they’ve told you (age, job, location, name, fetishes/likes). Remembering (aka writing down) those little details will set you apart and help you build a relationship with your client.


It only takes 1-2 clients per week who want to have a longer conversation to make a few hundred bucks a month! And that’s just with texting/photos alone. Expanding into calls, selling clips, and video calls will expand that potential by a lot (I do not do most of those things often so I can't speak to them).


Your earnings page reports are very thorough and show exactly the breakdown per pay period, per day, per month, per year, and by income stream (texts, photos, calls, etc). They also show everything AFTER fees, so you’re never confused about what you’re taking home. Pay periods end and payouts are automatically distributed every two weeks, to your linked bank account and require a minimum of $50. If it’s less than $50 it will roll over to your next pay period. 


Honestly there’s more to learn about the platform and how to maximize your earnings via sexting, but I think this is a great start! Now go try it out! And make sure you’re following Me for more.

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