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Tributes and Gifts

So you want to send a gift to a Goddess?

A Mistress's favorite gift is always cash. I can use that money at my discretion and I have many uses for it. I am passionate about investing and finance. I regularly educate Myself through paid FemDom workshops. I also participate in charitable giving and enjoy spoiling My friends and loved ones.

I only have ONE payment method and that is CashApp. I will not take any others, except cash if applicable. Feel free to send at any time, but be subtle in your note (preferably leave it blank, or if you must write something "breakfast" or "dinner" will do). And do not send more than twice a day. If you want to do a drain with multiple sends, I have other platforms for that. Please inform Me if you have sent tribute. You can request My cashtag via email.

I much prefer tributes but if you would like to get Me a gift, you can do so on My Amazon Wishlist. Please send Me a message to let Me know if you've purchased a gift so I can track the shipping.

If you are looking for tribute information for My sessions, please read My Sessions page, or Request a Session.

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