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Models! Make Easy Money Texting Your Fans

Whether you’re a camworker, Pro Domme or fetish creator, you’ll want to take advantage of the SextPanther platform. SextPanther is an easy way to make money talking to your clients. NO ONE is a time waster on SP! Receive tips and earn money per text, video clip or photo sent or received, call minute, or video minute. You can even host your video clips in your feed to unlock. And it’s super easy with a completely updated interface unlike other old school sites. I'm a model myself and have used SextPanther for the last three years and it's a great, easy way to earn money and connect with your fans. And I can tell you how to use it.

First, set up a profile that shows your best self. Upload 4-5 attention grabbing photos of yourself. You also have the option of adding an intro video. These should showcase things you want to do/talk about in your sessions. For example, if you do foot fetish content, upload some sexy foot pics. If you create explicit masturbation content, you can upload a lewd photo instead. Be clear about what you offer.

Another best practice is to write out a description of yourself, what a conversation or video chat with you is like, and your availability on your profile.

Another great thing about SP is the flexibility. You choose what services you want to offer. I almost always stick to text/photo only, but you can also take phone calls and video chats. Just log in and turn on calls or video chats to get requests, or if you just want to text, keep those options off.

Everything will forward to your phone. You can reply on your phone or on the website using your computer.

Whenever someone adds you, start a conversation! Sky’s the limit. I can give you more tips on using SP if you sign up using my referral link. For complete transparency, for the first $100 you make, SextPanther will give Me $100. A win win for both of us. Using my link will also help you skip the application process. I applied three times before being accepted so having a skip the line ticket is super helpful.

This platform can bring in $100s a month if you use it well! I have a full article with more tips on how to use SP. To get it, apply with my referral link above and then send me an email (must be provider email) or twitter DM mentioning the username you signed up with and I’ll happily send it to you.



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