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How to Use Reddit (for Adult Models)

How Does Reddit Work?

If you’ve been in SW for any amount of time, you know that having a social media presence is one of our main ways of advertising. And Reddit can be a great platform to leverage for adult digital content creators, if you know how to use it.

I think the reasons it works are two fold: first, Reddit is largely male. In 2021, the Reddit user base skewed 62% male according to Statista (as compared to 39% of Tik Tok users and 51% of Instagram users). And two, that your content will reach A LOT of new eyes because Reddit is based less on gaining followers and building personal friend webs (like Instagram might be for example) than it is based around connecting people to their content of interest.

Reddit also doesn’t play any algorithmic games. Unless they're viewing the “all posts in all subreddits" feed, what users see is based almost entirely on what subreddits they follow.

Users will by default see “hot” posts, which is calculated by net votes. These votes are from users. Users can either upvote or downvote, depending on if they like the post.

Every time you post something, or make a comment, you automatically get one up vote from yourself. As people vote you up or down, it results in your net upvotes for that post. Any upvote/downvote you receive counts towards your net “karma”. That’s a number on your profile that doesn’t really do anything but show how much positive engagement you’re getting. And it’s a form of intangible social capital on the site.

So according to those votes, your post will place either higher or lower in the “hot” feed. They can also view it chronologically by “new” amongst a few other types of feed views. I’ve observed that posts typically have a life span of 1-2 days (meaning it will continue to receive attention for up to about 36 hrs, most upvotes will occur within the first 8).

One more note before I tell you how to do this. I would recommend Reddit only for digital content creators. It’s not the best place for in person advertising.

Getting Your Profile Started

As someone who was a Reddit user as early as 2010 and has adapted to use it for my Dominatrix business, here are my tips on it.

Start with the basics. Set up your username and profile. You can’t ever change your username, so choose wisely. I would make it the same as your OnlyFans profile name or website.

Choose a somewhat SFW profile photo and banner. Most people on Reddit are anonymous, so you’ll stand out if you have them. Reddit is pretty adult friendly in general (though subreddits are a different story) so you can be pretty blunt in your bio, but it’s always good to finesse it a little. You can include your linktree and OnlyFans username, though links are not actively clickable in your bio.

Much of your content will be shown to new users who interact with the subreddit it’s posted in. But people can also follow you directly to see all of your content in their feeds. You can also build your personal profile by making posts directly to your personal subreddit. I sometimes post OnlyFans free trials announcements or special content to my personal subreddit only to reward my followers. Once you have some well performing posts, you can pin them to the top your profile. You can also post announcements and such to your personal subreddit, like links or menus.


Reddit is based on the old school forum style websites. It’s split into sub forums called subreddits, and subreddits are based on interest/topic.

Finding your ideal subreddits are a key part of leveraging the site. For models, subreddits are usually based around your aesthetics or kinks/offerings.

So for example, if you’re curvy, you’ll want to join and post to the r/curvy subreddit. Or if you’re a Femdom, you’ll want to join and post to the r/femdom subreddit. If you’re a redhead, post to /r/redheads. If you make a lot of squirting content, join r/squirting. And so on. You can think outside the box too, like posting on r/holdthemoan or r/adorableporn.

The number of subreddits out there are endless. Check out the subreddit Wiki for a list of NSFW subreddits. That’s a good place to start. Make sure the subreddit seems active and has a reasonable number of users joined. I’d say at least 3-5k, for good exposure but there’s exceptions.

Once you find some relevant subreddits, check out the rules on the right hand side of the page. You’ll want to be clear about whether you can advertise yourself in that subreddit. The options are either yes, yes but in a subtle way (like, you can’t put it in the title but you can put it in the comments, or you can’t mention it at all but it can be in your personal profile), or fuck no. Some subreddits will ban you even just for appearing to be a SWer in your profile (which is how I got banned from r/dykesgonewild AND r/BDSMadvice 😡).

You really have to find your subreddits because a lot of reddit is actually anti-SW. You’ve heard that Reddit is full of incels. That can be true. But if you stick to the right subreddits you shouldn’t run into them too much. Definitely never get sucked into a conversation with any incel via comment or DM. That’s just wasting your own time. There’s a lot of anti-SW content on there so just move along when you see it, trust me. Especially examine the “gonewild” subreddits closely before joining. Most of those are legendary for their NSFW content, but also notorious for only accepting “non seller” content, so often they will go on the avoid list.

So check out the rules and make sure you’re allowed to post there and to what extent. Watermarks are a great rule of thumb in general but they aren’t always allowed either, so pay attention. You could be banned from a subreddit or have your entire account banned if you piss off too many mods. It's pretty easy to avoid though. The general Reddit site is a comparatively laissez faire place on the internet, but each subreddit is it’s own little kingdom with its own rulers (mods) and rules. Just stay off the ones that don't work for your needs.

For some subreddits you may need to get verified, especially for seller subreddits. The verification process will be listed in the rules.

Do not bother posting to any subreddit that is Only Fans/seller specific, it’s literally all just sellers and no buyers. Try to create organic content. And limit the number of times you post the same photo, even across different subreddits. I limit myself from 3-5 of the same post in different subreddits. Some people really do spam the same photo in 50 different subreddits, but it’s generally against the rules. You’ll have to find a balance. Some of the most prolific users are posting in up to 50-100 subreddits a day so in that case, you may have to repeat. You don’t have to do that volume, but the more you post, the more exposure. I wouldn’t repost your own photos in the same subreddits often either, unless a good amount of time has passed and it’s not against the subreddit rules.


So you have your profile set up and you found at least 10 but up to 50 or more subreddits that fit your niche and who’s rules accommodate you. Get verified according to subreddit rules if need be and now you’re ready to post.

You can post a number of ways on Reddit: text post, link, video, and most commonly, image. Reddit is a fun place to post gifs. I find that I have to post using my phone app for some reason when I make posts, I struggle with posting using my computer.

You can often upload things directly to Reddit but sometimes you’ll need to use an external host. For images is standard. Some subreddits don’t support videos at all, and a lot of NSFW subreddits do not allow direct video hosting to their subreddits for legal reasons I believe, so in that case, you can use the “link” option to link to an external video clip/gif. I make and host my gifs on which is a host site specifically for NSFW gifs. If you use that make sure you’re setting your gif as “visible” when you upload to redgif, otherwise the link won’t show when you post.

I use DelayforReddit to find the best posting times for each subreddit. I don’t do this but I believe you can use posting tools like to schedule posts ahead of time.

Now pick a good title. Question titles are a great way to encourage interaction. Many subreddits either give you the option of or require tags, so tag appropriately. You may be able to post your OnlyFans in the comments, depending on the subreddit rules, or link directly to it from the image. Just make sure to carefully check the rules before you do this. I wouldn't put a hard sell in most titles, because it's boring. Just make people interested in you, and the buyers will know to check your profile for your links.

Then post and wait for the upvotes and comments to roll in. If you do this well and grow your following/karma, you can get OnlyFans subs whenever you post (this isn’t fool proof, but it’s a good possibility).

Upvote, and reply to the comments in a way that shows your personality (and timely, within a few hours ideally). But limit your time giving free attention to anyone. DO NOT ENGAGE VIA DM. Using a template message, direct people who DM you directly to your paid sites, if you give any reply at all. There are myriad time wasters here so don’t let them get to you!

People will up and down vote your post, which will influence how it lands in their default feeds. A majority of people either upvote or don’t vote, but some buttheads will down vote, which will bring down your karma a little. As I mentioned, the total number of net up and down votes equals your karma for the post. And that karma is added to your total karma for your user profile! It's a building block of Reddit.

Personally, if my post hasn't garnered enough upvotes by the next day, I delete the post. No point in crowding up your feed with poorly performing posts. I think anything beyond 25 upvotes is worth leaving up, though less is fine in the beginning while you build your karma.

Some will get 50-500 (my normal range for a good post). Anything 500-3,000 is really great, for adult modeling subreddits, especially the kink/niche ones. So if you get 500 upvotes, that’s a minimum of 500 people seeing your post, most likely more because many people don’t vote. And every person who sees your post has the potential to click through your OnlyFans or site, most of them who are completely new to your content!

I think I covered almost everything you could need to get going. You can add me on Reddit to get started!

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